We have Ignition!


The thrill of seeing my work in print never gets old – it’s fascinating to see how it translates to the page, how it works in the context of editorial decision-making, with the knowledge that tens of thousands of people will clap eyes on my work. I even get a kick out of the smell of the fresh print.

And that thrill is magnified tenfold when my image occupies such a prominent position in Octane, one of the biggest and most well-respected brands in the car world.

I knew my work was going to be in the mag this month, but I had no idea it would be leading the Ignition section. It was such a surprise that the first couple of times I looked through the mag for my photo I completely missed it, expecting it to be a much smaller part of a wider set of images.

The photograph was taken at this year’s Concours of Elegance, one of my favourite events and an absolute goldmine for a car photographer. It shows a stunning 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Atalante Coupé by Gangloff, taken across the lake from the podium. This is a favourite spot for photographers at the Concours, so you need sharp elbows to get a good position when something like this rolls up.

Definitely worth it though, to capture such a beautiful car in a way that’s good enough to grace the pages of one of my favourite car magazines.

You can see more of my 2020 Concours Of Elegance images on my website.