My favourite images of 2018: part five


We’re now into my top ten images of the year, the creme de la creme of my work.

Am I hyping this too much? Maybe I should just shut up and get on with it.

#10: The one with the instructions from on high

Sometimes you have to work hard for an image. And sometimes – thankfully – a great image is handed to you on a plate. All you have to do is choose your framing and remember to hold the camera steady. This shot definitely falls into the latter category.

So thank you to whoever put that sign together. I owe you a beer.

#9: The one that’s history in miniature

Bicester Heritage is massive. It’s a huge former RAF airfield that’s often full to the brim with unbelievably stunning automobiles. I love the place.

So why is one of my favourite images, one that I find so resonant and evocative of the site, of a pile of musty old books lying forgotten in the corner of a workshop?

Let me enlighten you. Look at the textures, the leather, the steel, the brick and the fabric. Look at the patina, the dust and dirt, the feeling that everything has been well-used. You get a real sense of history and heritage.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact.

#8: The one that might give you déjà vu

Okay, I know it’s very similar to the shot at number 19. They were probably taken within a couple of minutes of each other from exactly the same spot.

Whereas that image is very special to me as it gave me a front cover, I think that this is actually a stronger image. Which, in a nutshell, is why it’s higher up my list.

#7: The one with the film star good looks

There are certain cars that are easy to photograph. The E-Type Jag, for example, famously doesn’t have a bad angle. The Aston Martin DB5 is another. It almost automatically makes a photo good.

When people see a DB5, a little light bulb is illuminated somewhere in their brain that says ‘cool’ – blame it on all those Bond films. Therefore, it’s practically impossible to take a crap photo of a DB5, especially in Silver Birch.

Imagine if this photo had a brown Austin Montego poking its nose out instead of the Aston. It wouldn’t quite be the same, would it?

#6: The one that blew up on Instagram

I’m not very big on Instagram. I don’t have many followers and consequently, my images never get that many likes. It’s a constant source of frustration, but I just can’t seem to gain any real traction.

This image, however, was unquestionably my most popular Instagram post of 2018. Unfortunately, hardly any of the popularity was directed at my feed.

The image was spotted by the official BMW Classic account, who asked if they could repost it onto their timeline – with a credit, of course. That was possibly the biggest no-brainer of the year; they have almost half a million followers.

It was quite surreal watching the number of likes rising in real-time, and for a few fleeting moments, I had an inkling what it must be like to be one of the cool kids.

To date, that post has received nearly 6,000 likes – about a hundred times what I would usually consider a good response to one of my images.

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