My favourite images of 2018: part four


We’ve now reached the halfway point of my top thirty images of the year. Hopefully, you’re enjoying the little insight into each image.

Stick with it, they’re only going to get better (in my own humble opinion, of course).

#15: The one that gave me my very first front cover

I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions. But every year on January 1st, I set myself career goals for the coming year. Some are achievable, some are purely aspirational. For 2018, one of my aspirational goals was to make the front cover of one of the quality motoring publications. It was something to work towards, as I never dreamt for a second that it might happen.

But that’s exactly what happened when I was commissioned by The Automobile magazine to photograph King George VI’s personal Daimler. As you can see from the photograph, we were blessed with a glorious midsummers day and a suitably scenic location. And, of course, a fantastic little car with an incredible and unique provenance.

I guess I need to up my game now and set some new, bigger goals for 2019…

#14: The one that made me buy a lottery ticket

One of the best things about being an automotive photographer is that I get to document some of the most droolworthy machinery on the planet.

2018 was the best year yet in that respect; I’ve seen cars this year that have been quite literally jaw-dropping. But only one of them – the Singer Dynamics and Lightweighting Study – has made me go out and buy a Euromillions ticket in the faint hope that I can stump up the $1.8m it would take to own one.

#13: The one where the expression tells the story

The paddock is undoubtedly my favourite place to shoot.

For a photographer that endeavours to capture the decisive moment, it has everything: drama, colour, detail, spectacle and every possible facet of human emotion.

I get some right funny looks – quite understandably I suppose – as I hover and lurk in the shadows, waiting and willing for that special blink-and-it’s-gone moment to materialise. More often than not, they don’t happen. Sometimes they do, and they’re gone before I have a chance to react. But every now and again I get one, and it makes the whole day worthwhile.

#12: The one that everyone in my Instagram feed took

I was really happy with this shot from April’s Sunday Scramble event. It’s a fabulous car, a great location with texture and detail, and no distracting elements. Pretty much perfect.

Until that is, I uploaded it to Instagram and saw that practically every other car photographer on my timeline had taken the same shot, albeit with very subtle differences in framing and style.

However, it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the image – I still dig it – and on the plus side it’s heartening to know that I see things in the same way as many of my peers.

#11: The one that could be a still from a Steve McQueen movie (in my dreams)

I’ll often experiment with different crops and aspect ratios when I’m processing my images. It’s amazing how much difference a crop can make, notwithstanding the elements that are removed with tighter framing.

I think this shot, taken at the Donington Historic Festival, looks so cinematic in a panoramic 2.39:1 ratio that it could almost be a still from a movie.

Continue to part five of the countdown.

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