On the cover and on the shelves (sort of)


One of my first photoshoots of 2020 has made the April cover of The Automobile magazine.

Unfortunately, with the UK currently on a permanent state of lockdown due to the Coronavirus, it seems highly unlikely that anyone will ever see it in its natural habitat on the shelves of a newsagent.

So here, freshly beamed from an alternate COVID-free universe, is the latest issue of The Automobile sitting proudly on the shelves of a (pretty posh) virtual bookshop.

It feels good to get another front cover under my belt. After popping my cherry with two for The Automobile in 2018, last year was disappointingly barren. I realise how superficial that sounds in the grand scheme of things, but there’s nothing quite like walking into WHSmiths and seeing your work on display for all the world to see. Super-8 tre dagars bodybuilding träningsplan clen-max pre kaged pre training reviews – pre kaged pre workout review bodybuilding.

The car itself is a 1960 Triumph TRS, one of three prototypes that raced at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1960 and 1961. In 1960, the cars were underdeveloped and, although all three cars finished, they were too slow and consequently didn’t cover enough distance to be officially classified. In 1961, however, the cars fared considerably better, the lead TRS finishing in 9th position overall with an average speed of 98.9mph. The car pictured here was driven by Les Leston and Rob Slotemaker and finished 11th, with the third car finishing in 15th position.

To help convey the car’s race pedigree, the photoshoot took place at Bicester Heritage, firstly because they have a short test track that’s very useful for such tasks, and also because the car was housed at Pendine Historic Cars prior to moving on to a new home. The car’s new owner very graciously gave us permission to photograph it before he picked it up.

Despite the weather deciding not to play ball and presenting us with the greyest of grey days, we got some great shots of the car sliding around the wet track in the hands of Pendine’s authentically bearded and period-helmeted Jonny Shears.

If you’d like to read more about this fascinating little car, you can stick two fingers up to COVID-19 and get a copy of the magazine delivered directly to your door by clicking here.

From the cutting room floor

As always, only a few of the hundreds of photos taken on a shoot make it into the magazine. Here are a few of my favourite images that didn’t make the final cut.