A patinated peach of a Porsche


In the world of classic motoring, there’s very little more exciting than the discovery of a survivor car.

An original, unmolested example of any marque, however humble, that has somehow escaped accident, the crusher or the equally destructive jaws of automotive fad and fashion offers us a freeze-frame glimpse into the past, a faded photograph made real.

When I saw this time capsule Porsche at January’s Sunday Scramble, I couldn’t resist bringing it to The Petroleum Spirit because, quite simply, it’s bloody fantastic.

It’s a ’66 911, making it one of the very earliest examples of the iconic model, showing off the beauty and purity of Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche’s original design. A design that, to the uninitiated, hasn’t changed a bit in over half a century.

The car is an original left-hand drive model, delivered new to the legendary Brumos Porsche dealership (and later, Porsche race team) in Jacksonville, Florida on 12 May 1966. The Brumos license plate surround is still on the car.

Although the ravages of time have dulled its sheen to a primer-like grey matte, the car still wears its original silver paint.

Fast-forward to 1972 and the car’s third owner, the wonderfully monikered Gustave Anderson Jr of Savannah, Georgia. He picked up the car with just under 52k on the clock, and over the next 18 years added a further 65,000 miles before putting the car in storage.

It remained untouched and unseen for almost 30 years.

It’s the time spent in limbo that makes this car so appealing. It mercifully escaped modification and the trend for adding whale tails, spoilers and god knows what else to old Porkers.

As a result of its hibernation, the car’s narrative remains intact; the registration stickers on the wonderfully evocative Georgia plates, safety inspection sticker from 1982 and Sports Car Club Of America badge.

The car’s imperfections just add to the allure. It’s certainly no trailer queen – this is a car that has been loved and cherished but, more importantly, driven. 117,534 miles to be precise.

The car is now ready for a new chapter in its history. It was recently purchased and recommissioned by early 911 specialist Don Ahearn, and imported to the UK in July of last year. It’s being offered for sale by Bicester Heritage-based Porsche guys Sports Purpose.

Looks like I’ll be buying an extra lottery ticket again this week.